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VGR Pre-School Activities To Help Your Child Develop Various Skills do you look at a box of puzzles or a ball and think of it as "toy"? What if we told you that for your child, its more than that? That it's an important tool for learning and growing. Yes, this is how children learn the skills they will need to interact with their environment, peers and parents. Social interaction, communication, etc. help them make a smoother transition during their growing years. Experts also suggest that pre-schoolers should participate in both free play and structured physical activity.
While these activities help them improve their cognitive and physical skills, the importance of proper nourishment cannot be forgotten. We all have heard the adage 'a healthy mind resides in a healthy body'. Kids need a lot of energy to get through the day while their bodies and brains need nutrients to grow. However, many a times nutrition in your regular diet might not be enough.
  • Musical Chairs

    The fun game of musical chairs helps kids improve listening skill and discern between sound and silence. It also teaches them self-regulation, preparedness and improves reflexes.

  • Hide & Seek

    In this game you hide a small object in the room and then give specific instruction such as "move three steps forward" or "look next to something red".

  • Art & Craft

    Drawing, colouring, finger painting, using glue, scissors etc helps develop fine motor skills in pre-schoolers.

  • Playing Outside

    Riding swings and playing on jungle gym helps children gain strength, coordination and dexterity. Games like hopscotch also help in developing balance.

  • Sock Puppets Show

    Kids can make hand puppets out of socks and put a show with other kids. Creating the puppets develops fine motor skills, while the show which involves talking to others using the puppet helps develop language and communication skills. It also teaches kids to resolve conflicts using their words.

  • Playing House

    Playing games like House, where kids pretend to be grownups - going to office, cooking, setting dining table – teach them life-skills they'll need later in life. It also makes them more social.

  • String Games

    Another activity that can provide hours of fun are the string games. Children hold strings between their thumbs and fingers and make simple things and animals etc. These games help improve hand-eye coordination.

  • Instilling Holistic Values…

    We, as the education guardians of our country, are resolved towards our duty to nurture the little tots with an exact recipe of an emotional, social, value-based, cognitive, and intellectual blend of learning. We are developing a child to withstand the competitive spirit.

  • Shaping Childhood…

    Childhood is the most crucial age in the life of a human being and it shapes as per the strokes. It depends on the personal end to stroke the childhood in a correct manner for giving it a concrete shape to enlighten the future of the tiny tots.

  • Technical Fun with Prismart…

    Along with our technical empanelment source, Prismart, we have reached a level of complete improvisation in the regular playschool curriculum with Prismart Smart Classes, AR, VR, and Robotime to make learning a better and more fulfilled experience for kids.

  • Where all Books Speak…

    The Speaking book functionality, being our recent fruitfulness has widely affected the preschool educational system in our premises. It comes in a Speak-O-Kit for children to retain the printed matter for a longer time.

  • We Recreate Together…

    Our preschool platform provides an open arena to indulge children in the recreational activities with a perfect blend of technology and education. The unique pedagogy along with state-of-the-art infrastructure makes learning at Bachpan distinctive and productive.

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